Lea Nuta

I was born in Israel and grew up drawing and studying architecture. After graduating from a technology institute, I moved to Japan for three years with a scholarship from the Japanese government. Then I was married in France and lived there for seven years. Eventually, I landed in Massachusetts.

In my professional career, I have been exposed to large sections of the world: different cultures, different ways of life and ethnicities. All this time, I was very curious and I never stopped drawing and expressing myself with my art. I tried every medium I could find, from acrylic and oils to glass blowing.

In my early retirement, I became fascinated with the glass movement in the United States. I blew, fused and molded glass. I was attracted to its luminosity, its transparency and the purity of its color. And I loved the spontaneity of the process.

I have tried to express myself by combining my printing and my glass pieces. I found that the photos I took could be manipulated and printed out in very unique, individual forms. Prints call for multi-productions but I’ve mostly been concentrated on multimedia and mono printing.

Each print is very unique. Some of the prints are expressive of my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I tackle composition. They are all mixed with aspects of my ongoing life.

When my grandchildren have celebrations, I make special prints for them. When my grown children need art for their walls, I do prints for them. When my friends have celebrations, I devote special prints for them. When I’m touched with events around the world, I make prints.

This was the unique language of expressing myself. I never intended to live on my art, but I have a nice body of work that I can now share with the world.